Prof.dr.eng. Elena HELEREA

Dr. Daniel NAZARE


BIBLIO 2011 Secretariat

at Transilvania University of Brasov



Str. Iuliu Maniu, nr. 41A

RO - 500091 Brasov

Phone: +40.0268.476050

Fax: +40.0268.476051



George Baritiu Public Library

of Brasov

 Bd. Eroilor 35, RO – 500036 Brasov

  Phone: +40.268.419338 

Fax. +40.268.415079




  • Prof. Dr. Theodora BALMON – Director of the University Library of Technology from Belfort-Montbeliard, France

    Prof. Dr. Andrei BODIU – Dean of the Faculty of Letters, Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania

    Assoc. Dr. Gheorghe BULUTA

    Dr. Vincent CHEVALLIER – Director of the Mediatheque, Administrative Centre, Clichy-la-Garenne, France

    Dr. Olimpia CURTA – IT Adjunct General Director, "Lucian Blaga" Central University  Library, Cluj Napoca, Romania

    Acad. Prof. Dr. Florin FILIP – Romanian Academy, Bucharest, Romania

    Prof. Dr. Mihaela GHEORGHE – Pro-Rector with Didactic Activity, Transilvania University of Brasov

    Prof. Dr. Jacques HELLEMANS – University Assistant in Bibliology at University of Brussels, Librarian and Responsible for Economic Information Services, University Library of Brussels, Belgium

    Prof. Dr. Bela MADER – Director of the University Library from Szeged, Honorary Professor, Szeged University, Hungary 

    Prof. Dr. Wolfram NEUBAUER – Director of the Library of the Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland

    Prof. Dr. Mircea REGNEALA – President of the Librarians’ Association of Romania, Bucharest, Romania

    Dr. Zenaida STRATAN – Director of the Library of the Technical University of Moldavia, Chisinau, Republic of Moldavia